Maharashtra National Law University Mumbai is one of the premier National Law Universities in India established to impart advanced legal education and promote research in legal studies in the country. An institution for higher learning must promote scholarship that engages with practical questions as well as the moral and philosophical dilemmas that arise in contemporary life. Research in law addresses these problems of society in this dynamic sense.  The Maharashtra National Law University Mumbai Law Review (MNLUMLR) is an initiative in this direction by the MNLU Mumbai. 

MNLUMLR aims to provide a unique forum for all those who are interested in legal studies to present their scholarly contributions. It is an academically led peer-reviewed academic review that aims to publish high-quality scholarship on law and legal studies spanning all areas including comparative, international and multidisciplinary perspectives.


Typical articles combine theoretical rigor, substantive knowledge, and policy relevance. For example, articles may analyse an issue from a theoretical perspective; test theory or competing debates against relevant data; or provide a new historical treatment or solid comparative analysis for an issue. All articles will be referred. The journal will also carry review essays and occasionally, round tables or research notes discussing various topical issues. With its distinctive combination of conceptual, theoretical and practical approaches to the issues of law, MNLU Mumbai Law Review aims to offer readers a unique opportunity to stay in touch with the latest developments in this rapidly evolving area. 

As part of its commitment to social and critical engagement in legal scholarship, MNLU Mumbai Law Review will also publish book reviews.  Book reviews, consonant with the journal’s aims and scope, are also reviewed by our Academic Editors.